Thunder Shirt For Noise Phobia And Anxiety-Based Problem On Dogs

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Thunder Shirt For Dogs


For dog owners, you may have heard about thunder shirt for Dogs. This product is believed to be a tool that can be used to solve anxiety problem that is related to noise phobia and other factors. Noise phobia has become one of the most common anxiety-based problems for dog. Although it is not considered as life-threatening or frightening problem for dogs, this anxiety-based problem can be very stressful for the dogs and also the owners. Dogs that have anxiety-based problem will look panic and afraid in some situations such as noise and strange situations. The following reactions such as peeing and pooping also can be seen from the dog. For the owner, it can be very stressful because it means that you have to clean up the pee and poop. Looking your dog acting anxiously will be also confusing. To make them calm is not that easy. The most common way is to put them away from the source of noise or things that make them act anxious. However, we cannot always depend on that way. Thunder shirt for dogs can be one of the options to solve noise phobia and other anxiety-based problems. We are going to discuss thunders shirt for dogs briefly and how it works to calm down the anxious dogs.

Noise phobia and Anxiety-Based Problem

Many dogs have experienced noise phobia or anxiety-based problem. However, it is said that no one really knows why dogs experience noise phobia or acts anxious. Some people say that it is dogs’ nature. Some people also say that noise will trigger an alert or anxiety button in their brains. Noise can be considered as threat for the dogs. There are two options that can be done by the dog either barking or being anxious. Most dogs that don’t have enough courage will acts anxious. Noise phobia and anxiety-based problem can be seen by some symptoms such hiding, trembling, tail tucking, peeing, pooping, and pacing.  Although it is not considered as life-threatening problem, these problems need to be managed and solved well. Without any treatments, the problem will last longer or even get worse.

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