Sedatives For Dogs

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Sedatives for Dogs


For dog owner, sedatives for dogs are quite common things that you have ever heard. In some condition when you are going to groom and do some veterinary examinations, tranquility become a quite serious issue that needs to be considered. It will be very difficult to manage those procedures when the dog is not calm enough or feels anxious. Not all dogs are trained well to be calm. That is why some sedatives are given or injected to the dog to make them feel calm. In another case, anxiety based-problem can become serious problem that are faced by the dog and the owner. If the problems only show some minor symptoms, it can be solved without any sedatives. However, when the condition is worse, people tend to use sedatives for dogs. Some people don’t have enough information to give sedative and it will make the problem get worse. We are going to discuss briefly sedatives for dogs, how it works, whether or not it is safe, also the effect.

What is Sedative for Dog?

Sedative is actually a kind of drugs that is used commonly by veterinarian to sedate a dog. So primarily, sedative is used for medical purposes. There are two common sedatives that usually recommended by veterinarian: acepromazine and diazepam. These drugs will block some signals in central nervous system. It will make the dog calm. Acepromazine is used for aggressive dog. It will relieve itching and prevent vomiting. Usually, veterinarian will use this drug for a dog that will have long journey. It will avoid the stress and discomfort during the journey. Diazepam is a kind of sedative that have contains some properties such as muscle relaxant, appetite stimulating, anti-convulsant properties. This kind of sedative is recommended by veterinarian to deal with seizure and appetite problem.
Sedative is often misused by many dog owners because of the instant relaxing and clamming effect. Some dog owners are not patient enough to face their hyperactive or anxious dogs. So, they use sedative without any recommendations from veterinarian. It is a very dangerous because without prescription, inappropriate doses will lead to overdoses. Actually, giving sedative doesn’t fully solve the problem because it has only temporary effect. It means that after the effect of sedative has gone,

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