Protect Yourself With Rabies Vaccine For Dogs

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You can think of giving the rabies vaccine to your pets such as a form of love and your responsibility towards the pet that you own. This responsibility is not simply giving them food, drinks, and a place to live, but also to maintain their health.

Giving Your Dogs Rabies Vaccine

It is best for animals who can potentially get rabies to be given the rabies vaccine right away after their birth. This is because the rabies virus can directly attack animals without taking into account their age. Leave behind the old habit of only giving your dogs the rabies vaccine after they are around the age of 20 weeks.
In the range of 14 days after the vaccine injection, it is best not to let your dog leave the house. This is because the antibody is not yet at the adequate amount to protect your pet from rabies attack. Your pets also should not be bathed for the first two weeks after the vaccine injection.
If you bought your dog from a pet store, you should wait for one week before giving a vaccine injection. This is to allow your pet to adapt to the new environment condition first. The injection is then done every year. Before the one to two-week limit has passed, it is best for you to minimize contact with your pet. This is because you do not really know yet its health status. You should also minimize the contact between your pet with other animals that may roam freely around your neighborhood.
Rabies itself is a dangerous disease that attacks the central nervous system. Human beings who get attacked by rabies will most likely die within 4 to 6 days, or the shortest time in which they may die is in 24 hours. This disease can actually be prevented by giving rabies vaccine to your dogs, or any other pets you may have such as cats or monkeys. Vaccine such as the rabies vaccine for dogs is the most effective way to break off the chain of transmission.

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