Low Protein Dog Food For Dogs With Kidney Problems

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Pay Attention To The Dog Food You Choose

Other than giving them foods that are low in protein, you also have to look for foods that are of high quality. When your dogs suffer from kidney problems, they have some nutrition problems that have to be taken care of. Make sure that their food has a low level of phosphorus, as phosphorus can be stored by the body, causing an imbalance between potassium and calcium. Protein in food, even at low levels, has to be available in a way that is easily accessed. This refers to how much protein in the body that can be easily used so that only a little amount of waste and toxin is accumulated in the system.
Look for natural ingredients that do not contain chemical preservatives. Every toxin that enters the body of your dogs has to be filtered through their liver and kidneys. This may cause those organs to work hard. A high amount of Vitamin D3 is important to give to your dogs. An increase in calcium is important because dogs are not able to absorb calcium as they normally do. A deficiency in calcium can cause broken bones. Therefore, knowing the benefits and uses of low protein dog food for dogs, you should only use them if your dogs absolutely need them and choose the ones with high quality.

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