Large Dog Sweaters: Fashion Or Protection

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Large Dog Sweaters: Fashion or Protection

For you who have kinds of large dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Doberman, Dalmatians, Rhodesian ridgeback and live in an area that have winter season, you may wonder whether or not you need to have large dog sweaters for your dog. Commonly, large dog breeds have already had quite thick fur coat. However, there are some large dogs breeds also have thin and short fur coat. The fur coat is used to protect them from direct contact of wind or winter. So, the dogs don’t get cold. Some owners put an extra protection by giving or applying large dog sweaters to the dog. Is it really needed? If it is needed, what kind of large dog sweaters that recommended to be used by dog and how we manage the sweaters to the dog? Today, we are going to discuss briefly about large dog sweater.

Dogs and sweaters

Due to the fur coat that large dogs usually have, is it needed to put sweaters on them? We are used to see that some owner will put clothes, jacket, sweater or even boots for their dogs. Some people may say that it is only for fashion because the dog will look charming and interesting with jacket or sweater on them. However, in fact it is not only used to make the dog look fashionable. Jacket or sweater is used to give them extra protection against the cold. Having fur coat doesn’t guarantee that they will be protected enough from the cold. It also needs some actions from the owner to fully protect the dog from the cold. Generally, sweater is needed for 2 types of dog: dogs with thin coats and smaller dogs. However, large dog breeds also need some protection from cold, especially for you who live in an area that have freezing and low temperature area.
There are some risks that are caused by freezing and low temperature. In some freezing and low temperature area, dogs can develop some symptoms of hypothermia. Yes, hypothermia is not only for human. Dogs possibly get hypothermia. Dogs that get hypothermia generally will show some symptoms such as shivering, having anxious behavior, less active, and starting to dig a hole in somewhere. Hypothermia is a serious condition that should be avoided. That’s why applying sweater on them will be a good option to protect them from cold and hypothermia.

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