How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside

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How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Outside


For you who love dog, you may wonder how to get rid of dog urine smell outside. Dog urine smell can be very unpleasant smell. This problem primarily will be faced by you who have puppies. Usually, puppies cannot control their pee. They can pee anytime and anywhere, both inside and outside the house. If we don’t manage the urine properly, the smell will be quite disturbing. It has unpleasant and strong smell. The smell will also last long, even after you clean the pee. The levels of smell are influenced by some factors such as the food and the drink that the dog consumes and the dog’s condition. Dog who consumed fatty and smelly food or drink will also possible produce smelly urine. Urine is a one of disposal media. Toxic or things that are not needed by the body will be disposed through urine. If the dog is not really healthy, the urine will be smellier. We are going to discuss how to get rid of dog urine smell outside.

Treating Fresh Urine

Treating fresh urine will be the first step that you have to do to get rid of dog urine smell outside. By treating fresh urine immediately, we can stop the urine evaporating and produces the smell. However, there are some techniques that need to be understood in treating fresh urine otherwise the urine will spread wider. First, when you see dog peeing or you see a wet urine stain, you should cover the urine with the clean towel immediately. Don’t even wipe the towel. It will make the urine spread wider. Let the towel absorb the urine or you can press gently the stain. After that, you should use water and soap to clean the stain. You can wipe the stain using soapy water. You can do it several times. Let it be a bit dry. The next step is to use baking soda to deodorize the area of stain. You can sprinkle the baking soda the spot. However, ensure that you don’t use more than 120 gram baking soda because it will be more difficult to clean. The last step is to vacuum the baking soda. Do it several time until all baking soda completely sucked up.

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