Cushing Disease In Dogs Can Be Treated Naturally

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The Cushing disease is usually difficult to diagnose. There are no examinations for this disease that consists of only one single examination. Three different examinations are needed in order to be able to correctly diagnose your dog, and those examinations are the urine cortisol test, a high and low dose dexamethasone suppression test, and an ACTH stimulation test.

Treating Cushing Disease In Dogs

Instead of depending on medications that can ruin the outermost layer of your adrenal gland, there are some natural and homeopathic medications that can normalize cortisol production. For example, you can use the Dandelion which helps in bringing the adrenal function back to normal. It is a tonic that is very good for the kidney and liver. It helps minimize inflammation in the body and also contains the minerals and vitamins that are required for the growth of the hair.
Raw food is the most important thing because raw food can give your dogs the nutrition that is provided by nature. Fillers, additives, and grains that are found in commercial pet food can be disadvantageous towards the health of your dog. Even with high-quality ingredients, your dog will still lack nutrition because those ingredients are cooked. A change can only be seen if you change the eating habits of your pet with the nutrition provided by nature. Therefore, it is able to treat Cushing disease in dogs naturally.

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