Cushing Disease In Dogs Can Be Treated Naturally

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Cushing Disease In Dogs


Cushing Disease In Dogs Can Be Treated Naturally

The Cushing Disease in dogs usually happens to dogs that are of old age. If left without care, Cushing disease can cause serious conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, heart diseases, seizures, kidney failure, and neurological disorders. However, with natural medication, dogs with Cushing disease can live longer and more comfortably

Cause And Symptoms Of Cushing Disease In Dogs

The main cause of Cushing disease is the growth of a benign tumor under the glands of the brain. This tumor causes the glands of the brain to release the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which can cause the adrenal to release an excess of cortisol. Because of this dysfunctional mechanism, the glands of the brain can no longer stop the excess secretion of ACTH.
In a small percentage of the occurrence of Cushing disease, the adrenal is responsible for the excess secretion of cortisol. Half of these tumors are benign and the other half are malignant tumors that may spread to the liver and lungs.
The third cause of Cushing disease that happens to dogs is an excessive use of cortisone medication, which is usually used to cure allergies for dogs.
There are some characteristics that can apply for the Cushing disease. The first one is an increased level of thirst. The second one is that the dog may excrete urine more often. Your dogs may have an increase in appetite, and therefore experience a gain in weight. Other symptoms that you may notice from the appearance of your dogs are an enlarged stomach, weakened muscles, thinning of fur, bones that are too prominent around the head area, and hyperpigmentation on their skin.
In terms of behavior, you may notice that your dogs are panting more excessively than before, show weakness, and have less interest in daily activities.

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