Cushing Disease In Dogs And How To Handle It Medically

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Cushing Disease in Dogs and How to Handle it Medically

What is Cushing’s disease in dogs becomes a common question. This is concerning to the fact that some people said that it is a disease but the rest said that it is a syndrome. To know the clear information including the cause and how to treat Cushing’s disease, you can learn a little bit here. Hopefully, after learning from this article, you get better understanding and do proper treatment for your lovely dog.

The Short Understanding about Cushing Disease in Dogs

So, what is Cushing’s disease in dogs? This disease happens when your dog produces too much cortisol hormone. Actually, this hormone is a good hormone in dog. It helps your dog to reduce stress, control weight, fight against infection, and control sugar blood level. Too much cortisol hormone will be a serious problem for your dog. The problem is that sometimes dog owners don’t realize that their dog is suffered from Cushing’s disease. The main reason is because of the unclear symptoms. Let’s learn about the symptoms first so you can detect the risks of Cushing’s disease in your dog.

The Symptoms of Cushing Disease

There are several general Cushing’s disease symptoms you should know. The key is that you should know your dog in detail. For example, you should know how many time your dog drink a day. If they look drink more than usual, you need to worry about it. Dogs with Cushing’s disease tend to be thirstier than before. Besides thirstier, they also tend to be hungrier and they will ask for food although you have been given them. Because they are hungry and thirsty all the time, it gives impact on their pee. Don’t get shock if dogs with Cushing’s disease tend to have higher pee level than a normal dog. In further phase, you will see that they are suffered from hair loss. If it is not, it seems that their hair is growth slowly. Just notice if your dog is very tired and inactive without any specific reason. There is a big possibility that they are suffered from Cushing’s disease. To make sure whether they are infected from this disease or not, it is better to bring your dog to the vets anytime you see something different. The best one is taking regular medical checkup to know if there is something wrong with your lovely dog. The earlier the detection, it will be easier for the vet to treat this disease

Cushing Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

It is okay to bring your dog to the vet and they will get several tests for Cushing’s disease diagnosis. For example, your dog has to take ACTH stimulation test. The purpose of this test is to know the condition of adrenal glands in response to ACTH hormone. They also have to take low dose dexamethasone suppression test or LDDS test. This test is taken to check the body of your dog along with man made cortisol hormone. The medical treatment is also various. There is a possibility that your dog has to take medical surgery. If it is not, your dog has to consume specific drugs for the rest of their life to keep them normal and active. To make sure about what is Cushing’s disease in dogs and how to handle it, you just consult it with a professional vets to get the best solution.

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